Other Forms

You'll also be asked to complete a signature on file, release of information, patient survey, and the initial consultation form

Download our Registration Form and Patient Medical History.


Before your consultation you should receive a packet of information mailed to you by our offices.  It is helpful for you to arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time with all the required information and forms completed. This will allow us more time to answer questions and discuss any concerns you have. Remember to bring with you on the day of your consultation a copy of your health insurance card, a picture ID, the name(s) of all the physicians currently involved in your care, a list of medications you are currently taking and the consent forms that were included in your packet.


During your first visit with the doctor, a detailed medical history and physical examination will performed. The doctor will review the results of various tests that have already been done. Sometimes, additional tests such as CT scan or PET/CT scan might be ordered before your radiation oncologist will decide on your need for radiation therapy.