Glossary A to F

Adjuvant treatment 
A treatment that is given in addition to the primary treatment to enhance its effectiveness and reduce the chance of the tumor recurring.

A device used to hold a radioactive source in place during brachytherapy.

Beam films
Another term for port films, beam films are pictures of the position of the radiation beams used to treat cancer. They are used to verify the position of the beams and confirm that treatment is delivered to the right place.

Pieces of metal alloy that can be used to shape the radiation beam.

An additional dose of radiation that is given after an initial course of radiation to enhance tumor control. A boost may be given to the tumor and areas to which the tumor may have spread.

Internal radiation therapy that involves placing radioactive sources inside or adjacent to the tumor.

A group of diseases in which abnormal cells divide uncontrollably, forming a tumor or mass.

A tube inserted into the body that can be used to deliver radiation during brachytherapy.

Clinical trials
Studies that test new cancer therapies.

CT or CAT scan
A computer assisted tomography scan is an X-ray procedure that uses a computer to produce detailed pictures of the body.